Excel Resources

Workbook: Organization Directory

This directory prints in portrait format with sixteen entries per page. There are seventeen pages for a total of 272 entries. Each field is easily customized to your specific needs. Data for each person is entered on one line, on a separate page; the data from which will populate automatically in the appropriate fields of the print pages. Composed in Microsoft Excel 2007, available also in Open Document Format for Libre Office. Click image below to download.

Printable Customizable Calendar (Any Year) 

This calendar can be customized by adding an image to each month's page, using Word Art, changing font, adding information to the notes area; even changing the display method (Monday first,etc) - simply by editing one number in a cell on the first page. Use this handy tool to create a fun, distributable calendar for the people in your organization or department, or merely for your own use. Click either image below to download.